Loki was the go-to guy when those mighty Norse gods needed business taking care of. He could light fires. Turn into a falcon. And get a storm giant to laugh over his ‘merry antics with a goat’*.

He even recovered Thor’s hammer.

We’re not saying we’re the same as him. We won’t change into a gadfly. We don’t make bold wagers with dwarves. But we are the go-to people for commercial film production magic. Whatever your budget, we’ll create video content that will make the gods smile.

We work with big names. Disney, Google and Glenfiddich, for example. We’re at our best when you need to be nimble. (We forgot to mention, Loki had the world’s fastest horse.)

So When Warner Bros. needed a new Lara Croft, they came to us to cast her. When Mizuno wanted to demonstrate the art of forged steel, they knew we’d have the know-how. And when Betfair needed to capture Carl the Cobra, we stepped into the ring.

We’ve got heavyweight experience and a proven track record, plus boundless energy and whipper-snapper enthusiasm. Whether we’re working directly with clients or collaborating with agencies, we bring hard graft and passion to what we do.

We’ll put a crack team together with the best skills for your brief. Bringing in the most creative (and innovative) talent around. And thanks to our in-house production and post-production wizards, we can create content for every platform there is. With spellbinding results.

Swoop to Mayfair. See how Loki can work wonders for you.

* To see our own merry antics with a goat, click here.